In mid April, invited by American Asia Society, a delegation of teachers from our school participated in a forum organized jointly by the Asian Society and the University Council. The Asia Society is the most influential NGO (Non-governmental organization) concerned with Sino-American relations in the United States. The forum featured a high level of participation by officials of the Chinese and the American governments: the Honorable Zhang Yesui, the Chinese Ambassador to the United States, John Negroponte, the former American ambassador to the United Nations John Negroponte, and Chinese National Office Director Xu Weilin as well as United States Senator Charles Hagel (Republican-Iowa). Hundreds of delegates from around the world attended the New York Forum. It featured numerous discussions including such topics as “Contemporary Chinese Education,” “Global Chinese Language Instruction,” and “Chinese-American Cultural Exchange.”

After the Forum, our school representatives visited the East West School International Studies in New York City. As a result of this visit, our delegation gained a further understanding of the America school management system, the educational philosophy, teaching methodologies, the characteristics of the education system, and reform agenda.