On August 26, 2012, the Annual Conference for Curriculum Reform at Hangzhou No.14 High School was conducted at Yuhang, Hangzhou . Class advisors, group leaders and newly-recruited teachers as well as faculty, administration and staff attended. A total of one hundred fifty-three (153) educational professionals participated in the conference.

Party Secretary Liu and Vice PrincipalFan addressed the Conference. In the morning, Party Secretary Liu Yan spoke: “Familiarizing New Teachers with the History and Culture of No. 14 Middle School.” In the afternoon, Vice Principal Fan Li provided an account: “The purpose and implementation of the curriculum reform.” After that, all the delegates discussed these presentations separately in candid and vibrant individual panel discussions.
The six (6) panel moderators, Song Xiaoming, Yuan Lifeng, Chen Jian, Luo Xinggao, Cai Jingli, Lu Hua, summarized the results of these panel discussions to the Conference. Vice Principal Zhan Zhanggen gave concluding remarks.

On the morning of August 27, 2012 Vice Principal Tang Xinhong spoke on "Understanding and Rationale of Moral Education within the New Curriculum." Yu Haiyan, Lin Shuqin, Zhang Chuanbing and Lu Dan provided commentary on his remarks. During the afternoon, AP Program Manager Wang Bei discussed the background of the College Board AP program and its implementation status at No. 14 Middle School. Chief AP Academic Advisor John Larner discussed the AP class teaching concepts and its prospects at our school.

Finally, Principal Qiu Feng, the keynote speaker spoke on "Inspiring and Enriching Curriculum Reform." She provided the Conference with a summary and understanding of the various aspects of the development and implementation of curriculum reform. She solicited and encouraged all of the stakeholders: teaching and research groups, grade groups and teachers to enthusiastically promote and implement these reforms.