FromOctober 8 through 11, 2012, a delegation headed by Principal Milton Butcher from Mount Lawley Senior High School from Perth , Western Australia visited our school. Mount Lawley Senior High School is somewhat smaller than ours and comprises students in grades Ten through Twelve.

Our school principal Qiu Feng warmly welcomed the arrival of foreign guests on behalf of the students, faculty, and staff of the school. She accompanied and introduced our foreign guests to the Feng Qi and Kang Qiao campuses.

The Australian students actively attended the classes also had the opportunity to experience Chinese culture. For example, they drew a Beijing opera mask in art class, learned tai chi and Chinese kung fu. In addition, teachers and students from Australia were very interested in our school’s AP project. They participated in the Academic English class, and shared their campus life and extracurricular activities with AP class students. On October 9th, the delegation also visited Kang Qiao campus library, laboratories, and student dormitories, and other places. They expressed appreciation not only for the advanced hardware facilities of the two campuses, but also for the vibrant campus atmosphere. Students from our school organized exchange and engaged in activities with our guests from Australia.

Mount Lawley Senior High School has been our sister school in Australia for more than ten (10) years. The good character of our school teachers and students left a deep impression on the delegation, and the friendship of the two schools is enhanced. The delegation also expressed appreciation for the warm welcome and hospitality provided by our Home Stay families.