On the afternoon of September 24, the Wang Wei Workshop conducted a seminar on the Feng Qi campus. Trainees, instructors, class advisors, and staff attended the event.

A myriad of subjects concerning high school students were discussed. Such issues as "puppy love," the “pros and cons” of student cell phone use, facilitation of class cohesion, and enhancement of student moral character were also reviewed with new staff. Principal Qiu Feng, secretary of the Party Committee Liu Yan, workshop tutor Wang Wei, and other experienced teachers conducted in-depth discussions on these issues with the young teachers. Principal Qiu Feng said that she hoped and expected the teachers to maintain good attitudes and work productively. Secretary Liu Yan emphasized that this moral education must be embodied in everyday words and deeds and impressed upon our students.

The activity promoted the work of our school teachers, and the young class advisers expressed their will to grow through learning and practice as soon as possible.