On October 18th 2017,when the 19th National Congress of the Communist of Party of China was being held in Beijing, with the aim of the development of "The Belt and Road"through International Education of Hangzhou, 2017"Around the Globe" Finland Oulu Educational Cooperation Seminar was held in Hangzhou No.14 High School. Deputy Director of Hangzhou Education Bureau Madam Zheng Limin,The Finland Oulu delegation led by Chairman of the Oulu City Executive BoardKyosti Oikarinen, and some other experts and friends from Hangzhou were present at the seminar.

Finland,as one of the strategic partners of Chinese “the Belt and Road Initiative”, has a full range of cooperation with us in economy, trade, education, etc.
For years, Finland was regarded as one of the countries with the most successful education and schoolsystem in the world, perched at the top of international league tables forliteracy and numeracy.
On the morning of October 18th, Mr.Mika together with Eija, Jukka and Yuki went to visit our school, communicate with the students gently, and talked about the details of establishing sisterschools and further collaboration with Madam Qiu feng.

On the seminar that afternoon, the MOU of Hangzhou Education Bureau and Educational and Cultural Services of the City of Oulu wassigned by Madam Zheng and Mr.Mika. After that, the delegates shared some distinctive services and programs with the Chinese participants. Our principal,Madam Qiu Feng warmly welcomed all the guests from Finland, shared her trip to Oulu this May and signed the MOU for sister schools with Pohjankartanokoulu School.

Highly valued the international exchange, Hangzhou No.14 High School has established sisterschool relationship with 17 foreign schools. We have received 4 group of students in our Confucius Class with the aim of deeply experience the Chinese Culture. We believe the cooperation between our school and Finland Oulu will bring new opportunities to the internationalization of No.14 High School.
Finland was one of the earliest western countries to establish diplomatic relations with new China. The 2017“Around the Globe”Finland Oulu Educational Cooperation seminar further expands international exchanges and cooperation of school channels, and added a brilliant meaning to the education of both countries. We believe that Hangzhou No.14 High School will achieve much success on the road of international education.