On December.11th,the delegation of Matsue Girls' Senior High School came to our school for a sister-school visit.Matsue Girls' Senior High School is located in Matsue-shi,Shinane-ken,Japan.The school was founded in 1954.It’s a full-time course school in Matsue-shi and the only girls’ school in Shinane-ken.The school runs General Course and International Sightseeing Course,aiming to cultivate girls’ independence and study hard with a light heart.

At nine half in the morning,the foreign division of the school student union introduced relevance of our school and Principal Feng Qiu had a cordial talk with Principal Kobayasi Kunihiko along with teachers and students.Later,following the introduction,they took around our school and the high quality environment left a good impression on them.

During the three-day stay,the delegation learned Chinese Arts,experienced Chinese traditional instruments and appreciated Chinese folk dance.They also paid a visit to the West Lake Museum and shared ideas with the members of the Comic Club.This activity was really warm and interesting while every students and teachers praised Chinese stuents’ diligence,activiness and ethusiasm.