February 16, 2018, the first day of the Chinese New Year, Our 19 students from No.14 High School started a trip to Finland under the leadership of teacher Ni and Sun as a friendly cultural visit of Hangzhou to Oulu. The beauty of the natural landscape has made us forget to leave, but what impressed our group most was the experience of sitting in the same room studying with students in Oulu. Oulu is the fifth largest city in Finland, known as the capital of northern Finland. We have visited three schools in Oulu.

In the first school, Pohjankartano school, with musical features, we listened to speeches made by the headmaster of that school and the minister of education of Oulu, enjoyed a welcoming performance by choir students, and took home economics, English, math classes with Finnish students. We also tried some Finnish sports like outdoor skiing and indoor cricket. Finally, we took a part in the music class and tried some instruments with teachers and students. At the end of the music class, we made an excellent chorus with songs and instruments we took.

In the second school, Laanila School, we learned about the school culture and the daily work of the Student Union. We also visited many interesting classes. Then we went to nature school and went into nature to explore the great joys of the ice forest. Finally, we went to the opening ceremony of an international snow carving competition in the Baltic Sea and cheered for the Chinese team.

The third school, Lyseo High School, is an international high school with a long history, we went on to study math IB with its students.

Leaving Oulu, we went to Syote, Rovaniemi and Helsinki to get to know Finland from a variety of perspectives and experienced many interesting activities like film making, indoor climbing and snowboarding.

There are also big differences between Chinese education and Finnish education. But for us, I think the most important thing we should do is to continue to work hard and make great achievements on the international stage in the near future.