On April 12th,Finland Oulu Educational Delegation- Hangzhou Sister School Cultural Communication Activity was held in Hangzhou No.14 High School.

Since "Around the Globe" Finland Oulu Educational Cooperation Seminar held in October,2017 and "Travel to Discover the World: The First Oulu - Hangzhou Sister School Culture Week” in February,2018, our school once again welcome a group of international education friends from Finland.

In the morning, Principal Qiu warmly welcomed the delagtion led by Jukka Miettunen and Mika Haapalainen,Pekka Laitinen,the representatives of our sister school. The welcome ceremony was host by the foreign affairs department led by Ivan Miao. The students introduced the profound history of Hangzhou No.14 High School and the excellent educational concept to the delegation and then invited Principal Qiu to make a speech. Appreciating the beautiful experiences in Oulu last May, She expressed her best wishes for the friendship of China and Finland.

Oulu Educational Delegation visits the Art Building, Gym, Bio-science Laboratory, and AP Center.

Members of Oulu Educational Delegation are interested in our school’s unique and school based curriculums.

Invited by the Aviation Club, the delegates take part in their activities and communicate with them enthusiastically.

The delegates take part in a seminar with our teachers, communicating about the differences between Chinese and Finish educational system.

On April 13th, two representatives from our sister school Pohjankartano School came to other two campuses of our educational group to visit and make an agreement about future corporations.

They visited the Xinchen Experimental School and appreciated a fantastic basketball dance show.

The exquisite campus environment, perfect teaching equipment, excellent faculties, and creative students, remain deep impressions on the delegates.

As one of China’s “One Belt and One Road” strategic partner countries, Finland has always had all-round and multi-level cooperation with China in the fields of economy, trade and education. The communication between us and Finland, which achieves the honor of “the best education in the world” is beneficial for both.

Hangzhou No.14 High School has become sister schools with 17 schools from America, England, Germany, France, Finland, etc. Our school devotes itself to creating internationalized, pluralistic, and personalized high quality education platform for students to search for the most suitable education and nurture students to be the best.