On April 21st, the delegation of our Australian sister school Mount lawley Senior High School started their four-day visit in our school. On April the 21st and 22nd, students from the sister school received the zealous greetings from their homestead families and experienced a traditional Hangzhou life.

The students from The Foreign Affair Department have arranged a welcome ceremony for these foreign visitors in the morning of April 23, 2018. The principal Qiu welcomed the students with open arms. She said that the No.14 High School has a profound friendship with the Mount Lawley Senior High School. The frequent communicative study has made the relation between two schools closer and closer.

Later, the students of the Foreign Affairs Department of our school led the visiting delegation to visit the Art Building, Gymnasium, AP Center, Biology Lab and so on.

At noon, the students participated in bountiful activities: some went to the calligraphy and painting club to learn writing; some enjoyed the ping pong . In the afternoon, the visiting teachers and students felt the verve of traditional Chinese painting, and they tried to write down characters on the fan with ink, freely and exquisitely, depicting the lotus flowers with the charm of Jiangnan.

In the music class, the visiting teachers and students listened to the delightful music of Chinese spring festival , felt the joy of the gongs and drums, and the harmony of the family. The music struck a chord with all of the students. Finally, student sang a song called “friend” to end the day in campus. The warmth from No.14 High School students, the eloquence from No.14 high school teachers, and the beauty and exquisiteness from No.14 high school all impressed the visitors.